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Areté is an advanced science and engineering company that provides innovative solutions from scientific discovery through production. Areté’s systems include active and passive sensors, real-time processing, software, and complex algorithms that operate from seafloor to space.  Arete is a high-tech innovator, providing leading-edge sensing solutions to challenging operational problems. Our deep expertise in physics, data science, and engineering provides our customers with best-in-class low-SWaP solutions in the form of software, sensor packages, and integrated systems. We’re a dynamic, employee-owned small business with seven U.S. locations serving the defense and intelligence communities.

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Corporate Capabilities.

  • Smart Sensing: Weak Signal Discrimination in Heavy Clutter with very low false/nuisance alarm rates. Implementation of complex real-time signal processing algorithms including image compression, mapping, registration, precision geolocation, bathymetry, Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), light control, structure from motion, data fusion, false alarm mitigation, target detection, identification, and tracking
  • Sensors: Creation, Development and Improvement of Real-Time, Low Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) sensors and sensing solutions. Sensors are AI-enabled and address: Degraded Visual Environment navigation, airborne mine detection, underwater mine detection, passive sCUAS detection, chem-bio detection
  • Sensor Fusion: Sensor- agnostic integration of multiple data types (multi-int visual, air, satellite, text, etc.) to create a real-time tactical picture.  Sensor fusion for force protection decision-making (TANDOM) and for helicopter navigation in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), fusion to discriminate mines in heavy clutter.
  • Rapid Prototyping. In-house systems, mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering teams, optical labs, clean rooms, machine shops, 3D Printers, Shaker table, environmental chambers, electronic test equipment, mobile test facility. Deep expertise with field tests and measurements.
  • Production. Laser designators, LIDARs, chemical-biological sensors, maritime mine detection sensors, passive CUAS detector, sensor fusion software boxes, sensor algorithms. Arete has over 200,000 sq. ft. of lab, clean room, ISO-Certified production and office space.

Major Disciplines.

  • Data Science. Exquisite expertise in algorithm development to identify and track hard-to-find targets, often over wide areas, from space-based to undersea based systems. Over 50 Artificial Intelligence programs within the company, including real-time Automatic Target Recognition from the strategic to tactical level.
  • Systems Engineering: Integrating of hardware and software including system control, sensors, pointing systems, real-time processing, and data recording. Requirements analysis and flow down, trade studies (Hardware/Software architecture, Hardware/Software requirements allocation), system modeling, verification and validation, MIL spec testing.
  • Software Engineering: Agile development process used to support rapid prototyping and deliverable production software. Includes real-time embedded DSP, GPU, and multi-processor systems and post mission analysis software/systems.
  • Optical Engineering: Analysis, performance modeling (MTF and distortion), trade studies, lens design, assembly, calibration, optical alignment, and laser safety.
  • Electrical Engineering: High voltage, DSP, FPGA, Microprocessors, high speed interfaces, power supplies, and control systems including board design, layout and testing for prototyping and ruggedized production systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Design, analysis, assembly and test of reliable and precise optical, electronic assemblies, and sensors subjected to severe thermal and inertial environments, ranging from ocean depths to high altitude including rapid prototyping and ruggedized production systems.

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Phone: 571-255-4035

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