With the rise of employees working abroad, freelance, and traveling for companies, virtual meeting platforms are on the rise and are essential for the success of organizations. Let’s take a look at some of the top virtual meeting platforms on the market for businesses.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

One of the most innovative virtual meeting platforms around the world, this solution allows your company to host virtual meetings comfortably and conveniently and there are many features of this platform that make it stand out as one of the top virtual meeting platforms on the market.


Another popular virtual meeting platform, GoToMeeting, allows your organization to perform any type of virtual meeting, even when employees are on the go. This meeting platform allows you to customize features so everyone in the organization is comfortable using it. With GoToMeeting, your organization can host webinars with 1000 people ensuring that you include every single person you need to, and the platform even offers email templates to use to invite people to meetings.

Zoho Meeting

With Zoho Meeting, your organization can hold meetings from anywhere. This platform offers screen sharing and an online presentation tool to ensure that there’s proper online collaboration between everyone in the company. This platform also offers a free video conferencing feature that makes your video calls seamless.


This virtual meeting platform can be used on all types of devices and even allows up to ten individuals to view your screen at the same time. Join.Me’s free version allows for free video conferencing, solid screen sharing, easy presentations, sales demos, and much more.


This virtual meeting platform is simple and versatile and you can easily arrange and schedule online meetings. ClickMeeting allows you to customize your meeting space and even offers screen sharing.


This popular platform is considered by many as the best virtual meeting platform around and offers free video conferencing.

Communique Virtual Conference Platform

Communique Conferencing’s enterprise-grade, cloud-based, virtual conference platform functions as a traditional off-line trade show translating exhibit halls, booths, presentations & networking into a highly customizable 3D virtual environment.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite aims to simplify the process of virtual meetings by offering quality service through their web-based virtual meeting platform.


Slack is a team messaging tool that brings all types of communication together seamlessly. Slack eliminates the need for long email threads and Slack users even report a reduction in internal email, helping them streamline their work and become more productive.


This free virtual meeting platform offers teleconferencing for 25 people and you even have the ability to record, share, and save conference calls.


This virtual meeting platform delivers quality video and web conferencing that not only enables team collaboration but also communication across your entire company.