DG Technologies, a diagnostics and vehicle network solutions provider for over 30 years, has worked in association with, and alongside domestic OEMs, and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers to the heavy-duty, automotive, and cybersecurity vehicle transportation markets.

DG Technologies is the leading provider of secure network solutions for both military and government vehicles and electronic systems. DG has provided both COTS and customized solutions to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, USMC, USAF, National Guard, NATO, TACOM, TARDEC, ARMDEC, and other military and government entities. DG Technologies has a long affiliation and ties to American Trucking Association’s (ATA’s) Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC), SAE International and is a leading provider of aftermarket diagnostic products, engineering development tools, DG CyberTech and heavy vehicle digital forensics.

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