DynCorp International’s aviation professionals service, support, and maintain the full spectrum of military helicopters, front-line fighters, ISR platforms and VIP transport aircraft.

Our logistics professionals provide comprehensive supply services, maintenance, and life support on a global basis. Our robust technical talent allows us to perform platform modifications and upgrades for U.S. and a wide range of foreign military equipment.


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Logistics and Contingency Operations

Ensuring Best-Value Mission Readiness Through Total Support Solutions.

DynCorp International provides base operations, supply chain management, and infrastructure support for the U.S. government, military, and commercial customers around the world.

We combine extensive real-world experience with resourceful, innovative planning to create the right solutions for the most challenging needs.

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Aviation Services

Providing Fleet Management and Air Operations Solutions Worldwide.

DynCorp International leverages our extensive global infrastructure to provide the world’s most comprehensive array of integrated solutions on over 200 types of aircraft.

Our high-performing teams quickly organize and deploy workforce, materiel, and technology solutions wherever we are needed.

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Global Consulting Group

Solutions for Civil, Private and Government Organizations.

Global Consulting Group provides an array of global consulting services in domestic and international operations, infrastructure planning and development, resource and knowledge management, international trade and change management.

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Phoenix Consulting Group

When direct questions won’t work, can you still get the intel you need?

Elicitation is the art of obtaining information through a conversational style that maximizes the flow of information without raising concerns or suspicions.

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DynCorp International Contacts


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DynCorp International

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DynCorp International

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Work Phone:  571-722-0239  Cell Phone:  571-325-6037


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