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Maelstrom Chemical Group is a Michigan Based company established in 2004 with over 25 years of practical experience in chemical formulation, application engineering, material testing, manufacturing and process design.  Maelstrom focuses on innovation and hi-tech product development

Maelstrom is a certified small business with Global reach, exporting to over 12 countries and growing.  We are Customer Focused with traditional business values, like responsiveness and service being key.

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Highlighted Products

Highly Specialized Lubricating Oils and Greases

Lubricating grease and oil products in the Tec-Flon 600 series have a specialized fluorinated composition. This high-tech family of lubricants is specifically formulated for use, in high temperature or vacuum environments, and in high-performance demand applications. Tec-Flon 600 Series non-silicone, non-hydrocarbon formulas will impart an ultra-high degree of lubrication to nearly any type of metal or plastic without degradation.


Biologic Decontamination/Sanitizer Materials:

As the need has arisen in recent weeks, Maelstrom Chemical Technologies answered the call to produce hand sanitizer to help do our part in the fight against COVID-19. Although many companies have switched gears to produce common hand sanitizers, Maelstrom has taken further steps in developing multiple grades of sanitizing products. As large-scale decontamination and sterilization become necessary steps for facilities and equipment, Maelstrom is taking up position to offer the best choices for each type of need.

Engineered Specialty Coatings

Maelstrom offers a complete line of specialized multi-functional coatings for a variety of substrates. Dry film lubrication, friction enhancement, dielectric coatings, high-wear resistance, flexible coatings, low outgassing, and corrosion resistance are all features that are offered in our current product selection. Alternatively, custom formulated materials specifically tuned to meet your applications are always an option.

This is an exceedingly small sampling of the items we produce at Maelstrom Chemical Technologies. Not only do we have a vast catalogue of products, but we will work with you on any special requests that you may have. Our team of engineers and chemists are here to see your project through.

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