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In 1931, Mike and Margaret Zurich started Remy Battery. In those days, Remy manufactured and sold batteries to local individuals, families and businesses. Remy Battery remains the same family-owned and operated business dedicated to bringing top-quality batteries and battery related products along with friendly service to our customers.


Our core competencies are in the three main battery chemistries; wet (lead-acid), absorbed glass mat and gel. We also carry small device Alkaline, NiCAD and Li-Ion batteries. Remy Battery is recognized for high quality design and manufacturing of custom battery cable assemblies. We are also experienced at packaging and shipping for Government and export. Our family-owned and operated business has earned a solid reputation for going above and beyond to meet your battery needs and exceed your service expectations — earning the trust of organizations in the private sector and in federal, state and local governments.

FreshStart Product

FreshStart packaging solution was designed for a demanding military shipping requirement to ship a dry charged lead acid battery with the exact amount of electrolyte needed to activate the battery all contained in the same outer packaging.  Added on top of that was the need for the packaging to be cost effective enough for domestic shipping but then rugged enough for demanding air freight shipping into remote or forward action locations.  Remy Battery took on this challenge and took it one step further to ensure ease of safe activation by a single war fighter in the field.  FreshStart – a packaging solution that is safe, efficient and cost effective.

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